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Had a bit of a cold for this one, either way, welcome back. Castro's life from 1926-1953 is covered.

A primer episode summarizing the entire first season, 500 years of Cuban history condensed in 1 hour.

This is the season finale of the show. Conditions get so bad in Cuba that nobody minds much democracy comes to an end. The revolution is coming. 

We bring the Grau administration to an end with one last caper and take account of its failures and successes. 

Episode 14- The Orthodox

The corruption and violence of the Grau regime takes a toll on the Autenticos, as their firebrand, Senator Eddy Chibas, causes a split in the party. 

President Ramon Grau San Martin and his party, the Autenticos, come to power in 1944 and make a mess of things. 

Batista inaugurated as President with great fanfare. We explore where this new, promising democratic experiment will lead and cover the second World War. 

We explore the theory of historical materialism, and how Marxism survives the voyage across the Atlantic and adapts to the different conditions of Cuba. 

In this episode I take a break from Cuban history to explain Marxism as we get closer to the revolution. Indebted to Alex Callinicos's The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx for help...

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